Native American Intermarriage Puts Benefits At Risk

Census data shows that Native Americans marry-out at higher rates than any other group in the U.S. But the Eastern Shoshone of Wyoming, require tribal members to be at least a quarter Native American. That requirement may mean a loss of both population and identity, as Wyoming Public Radio’s Tristan Ahtone reports.

Listen here on NPR.

2st Place Best Radio Feature Story – NAJA Award information here.

Tristan Ahtone

Tristan Ahtone is a member of the Kiowa Tribe and serves as associate editor for tribal affairs at High Country News. He has reported for PBS NewsHour, National Native News, Wyoming Public Radio, NPR, Al Jazeera America, Indian Country Today, and National Geographic, and more. Tristan’s stories have won multiple honors, including investigative awards from Public Radio News Directors Incorporated and the Gannett Foundation. He additionally was awarded a Nieman Fellowship to study at Harvard University in 2017. He is president of the Native American Journalists Association.

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